Dear participants, hosts and guests of Gay Badminton Amsterdam (GBA) King’s Tournament 2020,

Thank you for being patient with us. We’ve been busy preparing our response – one which we hope you’ll find helpful.

On Sunday 1 March 2020, the tournament committee had one of its regular meetings. At the very top of our agenda was the coronavirus. There wasn't much information about it at the time, so we decided that we would continuously monitor the situation and follow the guidance of the Dutch government. Our first priority was, and continues to be, to ensure the safety of our participants and guests.

Sadly, within a matter of weeks, Covid-19 has turned into a global crisis. Travel restrictions have been put in place, and social distancing and self-isolation measures are being taken. Given the current climate, the tournament committee has concluded that, regretfully, the GBA King’s Tournament 2020 can no longer take place and therefore is officially cancelled.

As a result, we are going to provide full refunds to all currently registered players. Refunds will take time to process, so we ask that you please be patient with us and allow for a month from when this announcement is made.  

We also want to assure you that this is merely a postponement and that plans will be drawn up for a tournament next year with a new date. We will certainly invite you at that time. 

We know that this moment will pass, travel and social restrictions will be lifted and that perhaps next year you’ll be able to support us and register for our tournament again.

I’d personally like to thank the existing committee for all their hard work and dedication in arranging this tournament. No doubt, this lays a very strong foundation for the next time that we organise a tournament.

Please take care of yourselves and help take care of those around you, observe the guidance of your respective governments in this difficult time and be safe!

Thank you,

Ihsan Yahya
GBA Tournament Director


Beste deelnemer aan het Gay Badminton Amsterdam (GBA) King’s Day Tournament 2020,

Gezien de wereldwijde coronacrisis heeft de toernooicommissie besloten dat het GBA King’s Day Tournament 2020 niet door kan gaan.

Je krijgt het volledige inschrijfgeld terug. We hopen dit binnen één maand af te kunnen wikkelen. We vragen nog even je geduld daarvoor.

We willen benadrukken dat dit enkel uitstel van het toernooi betekent. Volgend jaar komen we weer terug, en zien we jou dus ook graag weer. Zodra er een nieuw tijdstip bekend is, berichten wij jou daarover.

Pas goed op jezelf en op je omgeving, volg de richtlijnen van je regering in deze moeilijke tijd en wees voorzichtig!

Hartelijk dank,

Ihsan Yahya
GBA Toernooidirecteur

GBA Tournament Committee
Director: Ihsan Yahya
Advisors: Tonnie van Grinsven (Club President), Gerrit De Jonghe and Ilse Aben
Sponsorships officers: Ihsan Yahya, Steven Johnson, Tonnie van Grinsven
Accommodation officer: Wiel Dorssers
Social events & catering officers: Matthias Sennwitz, Steven Johnson
Official translator: Chris Togliatte
Tournament days support: Hendra Sinaga