Tournaments Calendar 2022-23

This is a list of some specifically LGBTQ+ badminton tournaments being hosted in Europe.

Last updated: 31st March 2023. This not an official list*

3-5th Feb 2023

Gruben Gold Cup 2023

Bochum, Germany

10-12th March 2023

Courage! Open 2023

Saarbrücken, Germany

31st Mar - 2nd Apr 2023

Düssel-Cup 2023

Düsseldorf, Germany

7th-10th Apr 2023

Tigaly 2023

Lyon, France

22nd Apr 2023

Badminton Plauschturnier 2023

Basel, Switzerland

6th May 2023

Tigre 2023

Rennes, France

26th-28th May 2023

10th-11th Jun 2023

Festibad 20 Ans

Strasbourg, France

17th Jun 2023

Stockholm Wide Open 2023

Stockholm, Sweden

24th-25th Jun 2023

24th-25th Jun 2023

Pink Summer Sports 2023

Nijmegen, The Netherlands

26-29 July 2023

EuroGames 2023

Bern, Switzerland

EuroGames 2023

10-12 August 2023

Copenhagen Cup 2023

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen Cup 2023

25-28 August 2023

Bristol Swifts Cup 2023

Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol Swifts Cup 2023

28 October 2023

GLSBE Badminton Tournament 2023

Bern, Switzerland

3-11 November 2023

10-12 November 2023

Lotos Cup 2023

Bratislava, Slovakia

1-3 December 2023

XMAS Tournament Frankfurt (34th)

Frankfurt, Germany

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*Please note: This list has been compiled voluntarily by one of our members. Some of the information contained may be inaccurate or out of date. Though we do our best to make sure the information is accurate, we cannot be held liable if the information provided is incorrect. A more extensive tournaments calendar is available on the European gay & lesbian sport federation website .

Scenes from Copenhagen Cup August 2019


Tournaments are a great opportunity to test our abilities and perhaps even win a few medals for Team GBA!


They're also a fantastic way to bond with fellow GBA members and maybe even make new friends with other like-minded sportsmen & women from the international gay sports community.