Fun & Competitive

There’s a level that’s right for everyone to have fun and feel challenged.


If you’re entirely new to the sport, you can try out the free coaching to help you get up to speed fast and enjoying badminton quickly.

Advanced players

If you’re more advanced, then we allow for free play on Sundays to choose your opponents and as well as Wednesday evening sessions that cater to more advanced players. This is not suitable for absolute beginners.

Free coaching

Every Sunday there is free training for beginners and separately for the more advanced players.

  • 1 hour training sessions
  • You will learn the basic techniques and will be prepared to play matches (for instance at tournaments).
  • You can join the training at any time during the year.

We participate in the international gay badminton tournament scene. This is a large tournament circuit throughout the world which we both compete in and also host our own tournament every 2 years.

It puts our abilities to the test but it's also a fantastic opportunity to meet other like minded gay badminton clubs & players.

To get a glimpse of what the tournament circuit looks like, we provide a tournaments calendar.

Find out how to join us
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